A Jungle Safari

Ascenic combination of evergreen forest and little streams Athirapilly is an ideal wilderness retreat for new and experienced safari lovers. Athirappilly waterfalls is situated 1000 ft above sea level in the Chalakudy river, at the entrance of the Sholayar ranges of the Western Ghats. Sprawled in the shadow of Western Ghats, Athirappilly is undeniably a beautiful destination for movie location. Despite the threat of grey clouds tearing apart to unleash copious rain, monsoon is the most favoured month for the Jungle Safari from Athirappilly to Malakkapara. This safari is considered the most memorable experience one can have on trip to Kerala.

The Jungle Safari is organised by the Athirappilly Eco Tourism department which gives people a unique opportunity to experience the rich flora & fauna of Athirappilly - Vazhachal Ecotourism. Starting of the safari by 8 am seems to be an elementary level walk through the Thumboormuzhi Butterfly Garden and the hanging bridge. Thumboormuzhi is best known for the butterfly garden which is unbelievably beautiful, attracting a huge number of tourists to this place. Thumboormuzhi harbours almost every species of butterfly in the world. Here, one can enjoy nature to its fullest and witness how two of nature’s different creations, butterfly and flowers, converse with each other. About 148 species of butterflies can be seen in the park.

Since the safari happens early morning one can see butterflies similar in size to birds. During the monsoon, the biggest of the butterflies visit the park and is the unique feature of the butterfly park in Thumboormuzhi. The park also includes river view, virgin forest view, a beautiful garden and children’s park. The park is well equipped with a DTPC restaurant, bathing ghat, snack bar, Chinese pavilion, and wash rooms and parking areas to make your trip comfortable. Once you have wended your way through the Thumboormuzhi, you will be rewarded by the brilliant view of stacked mountains and huge, tall waterfall at Athirappally.

Environmentalists claim that Athirapally is a one-of its-kind riparian ecosystem in Kerala. After a break at the waterfall were you will dive into the world of beauty, you will be tempted to take a dip in the water and the safari allows you to do the same too. At Vazhachal you get to wade in the streams which is the most refreshing part of the Safari.

bump into local elephant herds, who confi dently saunter to fetch their daily dose of water. If you are lucky enough then you may be able to witness, Indian Giant Squirrel, Bison or Antelope for that matter. The Safari moves on the next stop, Sholayar Dam, which is considered to be the most beautiful dam with magnifi cent view. It is the only place in the Western Ghats where four endangered Horn bill species are seen. Ultimately we reach our fi nal destination Malakkapara which is fi lled with lush green tea garden, vanilla, palm, cashew, rubber, aracanut, nutmeg, coff ee, tea, pepper, plantations making this perhaps, the most interesting Spice Tour in Kerala. You will end your safari, by reaching the Kerala Tamil Nadu border by 7pm and would be taken back to your camp location.

The Western Ghats being one of the most important biodiversity hot spots in the world, also has one more speciality of largest Rain Forest with biological garden consisting of hills and valleys, sprawling grass lands, sandbanks, cascading water falls and spice plantations. All these features are the axis for many endangered species and they can be sighted occasionally also. The package of 90 km Jungle Safari through the Rain Forest may cost you approximately Rs 4200 for two people which includes transportation along with AC deluxe accommodation with complimentary breakfast.

Anyone who is in love with travelling and safaris must not miss this when in Athirappally. Book a ticket now to experience the best of Kerala.