Vol 1 Issue 6
Movie Connections 
 Nandini Valsan
We Malayalis love our movies. That’s a simple fact that cannot be denied. Am not just talking movie stars here, although of course we love them too, but at the end of the day, it is the love for the actual celluloid experience that.. Read More  

Vol 1 Issue 5
Christmas Reminiscences 
 Nandini Valsan
Christmas was not a time of year I associated with Kerala when growing up. It was only in 2002, when I was well into my twenties, that I had my first feel of the magic of Kerala during Christmas... Read More  
Vol 1 Issue 4
The Grandest Homecoming 
 Nandini Valsan
Onam. The word in itself is an emotion, conjuring up nostalgic images of reunions, family, new beginnings, and of course, sumptuous sadyas! This festival leaves all other celebrations in its shadow in Kerala... Read More  
Vol 1 Issue 3
A Shelter of Memories
 Nandini Valsan
For around the first 20 years of my life, the only Kerala that I was aware of was the lush, yet soggy one that came to the fore during the monsoons. I never realized then that this was the only season in which... Read More
Vol 1 Issue 2
Malayali Cuisine For The Nomadic Soul 
 Nandini Valsan
I am a foodie. No doubt about it. I love that when we travel, our connect with the new culture is strengthened with the distinct flavours that are an integral part of the local cuisine.  I love seeing how the same ingredient... Read More
Vol 1 Issue 1
A Flip Here, A Trundle There 
 Nandini Valsan
Like many other Malayali children across the globe, for the most part of my life, I was a Non Resident Keralite. I grew up in Cairo and every year, my parents made it a point to return “home” to Kerala for our summer vacations... Read More