A Three Hundred Year Old Heritage Home

Olappamanna Mana , one of the centuries Namboodiri (Kerala Brahmin) Illam (house) , have a glittering cultural heritage in the field of Kathakali (classical dance form) , Carnatic Music, Melam and Thayambaka (classical percussions) , Literature and Rig Veda. The present most popular form of Kathakali, namely Kalluvazhi Chitta originated in Olappamanna Mana, nearly 150-200 years back. Olappamanna is the family name of Kerala Brahmin and they belong to priestly caste of Kerala, namely Namboothiris. Mana means Home of Kerala Brahmins in Malayalam.

village 40 kms (25 miles) away from Palakkad town, less than 100 kms(60 miles) away from Cochin / Coimbatore / Calicut airports. Vellinezhi surrounded by the unpolluted river Kunthi on northern and western side is literarily known as Thourathrika Gramam (village with perfect blend of Music, Rhythm and Dance.) 

Tourists can plan their holiday stay in this heritage complex to enjoy the different and unique atmosphere in this remote village. They can also extend their peaceful and relaxed stay here, with just a phone call to Mr. Navneeth.

The tourists can see the architectural marvel of the old construction mainly using rosewood, teak wood and Jackfruit tree wood. This speciality of construction is used to safeguard the residents from summer heat and also from thieves. They can see the large Bathing tank, the Snake temple (Kaavu), the old utensils used, the old large Chinese porcelain pots, the old wet grinders, the elephant costumes, the bronze large lamps, swards, old balances, old fire proof iron Safe. The stay in the Olappamanna Resort will give you a unforgettable experience as there will be always a guide to take you along and explain everything for your better understandability. The stay will enlighten you the history of Kerala and lifestyle they used to live in 

Olappamanna Mana, in a 20-acre eco-friendly at - mosphere, would be an interesting place for tourists who want something out of the ordinary, for those who want to explore the Kerala countryside and the way of life there, for those who want to know more about the cultural heritage of the State, and for those who want to learn the nuances of Kathakali as per - forming art form. Olappamanna Mana is for those on the lookout for a real heritage home-stay as different from star hotel accommodation. Olappamanna Mana is also for those who want to savor the nuances of wholesome, delectable vegetarian cuisine, as only the traditional Namboothiri household can deliver. 


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Ph : +91466 2285383 Mob : +919847180703

Address : Olappamanna Mana,

Vellinezhi (PO), Palakkad Dist, Kerala, Pin-679504